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Creating totally new interactive digital experience using Digital Signage technology and Social Media.
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Being the DSK Bank digital agency we were able to support the process of its transformation from an old analogue structure into “the most innovative bank in Bulgaria” using the possibilities of the new technological office and Social Media communication.


The general perception of banks in Bulgaria is of oldschool organizations without an adequate approach to modern technology. Successful brands are those that manage to create a sense of intimacy with their customers.

Digital Signage

Using the modern vision and technological capabilities in the new offices of DSK Bank, we made a long-term strategy on how to successfully weave them into the communication in order to make customers totally change their perception of the bank branch.

We first analyzed and structured the content display options in the new offices against the different hardware displays and their positioning and purpose.

– display for orientation in the new environment
– displays visible when waiting in the bank
– external vertical screens
– additional screens and hardware (soon came the famous robot – Pepper 🤖)


We launched various activations in line with DSK Bank’s overall marketing plans throughout the year, as well as those specifically designed to promote activities in the client’s new Digital Signage offices.

Digital Signage + Social Media

Having pre-analysed the annual calendar of marketing activities, we were able to focus on ones to communicate across both channels - Digital Signage and Social Media. In this way, we created a seamless online/offline communication blend.

This enabled us both to experiment with different approaches and to successfully diversify the content by cleverly incorporating key DSK Bank partner activities.

This allowed us to successfully communicate and any events or partner products through these channels.

The results:
  • We drew attention
    to the New offices of DSK Bank and filled with meaning the use of interactive digital screens
  • Built the image
    of DSK Bank as the bank that develops and invests in new technologies
  • 50+
    We created some of the most attractive activations for the bank and its partners, sparking interest with various creative approaches to communicating with consumers
  • Social Media
    channels showed visible growth every year - No.1 among competition in the banking sector
  • The Bank Offices
    changed their purpose to interactive online communication hubs for modern clients
  • DSK Bank
    consolidated its position as the most modern and technological banking institution
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