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Nikolay Sotirov
Published May 13, 2021
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What is digital signage as a service?

It is a multitool that connects customer experience at the point-of-sale to online communication and data platforms. Digital signage is a crucial element of 360 communication. It provides a new level of connectivity between users and the brand at point of sale.  Serves as a connection to brand communication across other channels. And can be integrated with business software tools.

The three main pillars of Digital Signage are content, technology and experience.

1. Content is a tool not a goal.
Technology should beat with the pulse of consumers.
3. Experience creates the strongest bond between people and brands.

We created the following text to help you understand digital signage.

So… what is Digital Signage as a service?

It is a powerful multitool that provides connected brand experience at the point of sale.

How digital signage as a service works?

Тhe integral part is a centralized content management platform. It provides 24/7 control of all content currently running across all locations.

The best digital signage experience for your customers is always personal. This means providing user specific communication at point of sale, super-targeting and interactive solutions, and personalized experiences, that lead to improved customer convergence, increased loyalty, and higher customer satisfaction. Properly orchestrated, these are secure building blocks for higher brand value and sales.

Our Approach:

We provide a tailor made service according to the specific needs and objectives. We can build your system and the entire experience from scratch.

By combining the following building blocks: Strategic Integration, specific marketing & business solutions and creative production. Or if you already have a running system and a content producer, We can audit and improve the Brand Experience, provide Technical Management & Development and Manage the Content distribution and rotation. Our day-to-day operation is adaptable.

We can either provide 360 services as part of Publicis Groupe or we can collaborate with your current agency to provide the full service that you require. Our long-term partnership with the largest digital signage platform provider in our region – OmniChannel, is a guarantee for outstanding performance & results.


We identify specific issues at POS…
Transformed into into business opportunities with tailor-made solutions.

Our service is set in 3 modules that build upon each other. We call them Technical sophistication levels as they represent various levels of user interaction with the brand at POS and further. Higher experience levels are made possible by higher sophistication of the technical solutions.

  • At Level 1 the Digital Signage system is used with its basic functionalities only – to inform and entertain the customers. Interaction level is low.
  • At Level 2 we incorporate functions that provide personalization and interaction with the content at POS. This customized experience allows the brand to communicate to customers and to receive back their input.
  • At Level 3 we aim to fully integrate the range of business software you are using and provide your customers with the freedom to perform various activities on their own like self-service, direct sales and checkout… including the integration of third party utilities.

Digital Signage is a Flexible and Smart Investment and the integration is carried out in 5 stages:

  1. Every solution needs a proof of concept first.
  2. Which is followed by an evaluation and an estimation what works best for you.
  3. Further on we scale based on your specific needs and objectives.
  4. And then we roll out your custom Digital Signage platform.
  5. As with any interactive system it is healthy to upgrade and expand functionality on a regular basis, to stay up to date with the ever shifting user requirements and market dynamics.

Those are the 5 stages that lead to successful digital signage integrations.

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