DATA: Humanized Event

Nikolay Sotirov
Published May 20, 2019
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Big data has long been criticized for losing sight of the human beings behind it. It has become overly complicated, to the point of discouraging many companies from beginning their journey towards digital business and marketing transformation. We wanted to take this opportunity to remind our clients, that each individual entry of data is more than just a number: it is a record of real human interaction.

We aim to provide practical guidance to companies looking to transform their business and marketing in response to the changing demands, behaviors, and attitudes of the modern consumer towards technology. It is meant to encourage clients to take the necessary first steps towards true transformation. Simply digitizing a business – taking existing processes, models and systems and applying new technology and new thinking to them will no longer be enough.

True transformation requires companies to rethink their business around the possibilities and consumer behaviors that new technology make possible. It requires focusing outwards – towards the consumer, as opposed to inwards, towards the needs of the company.

We want to help our clients get a proper head start on their competition by defining clear business and marketing objectives that reflect the needs of their customers and engage them in ways they never thought possible. This kind of customer-centric transformation is what will drive business growth and help companies stay relevant. But it will also require a partner who really ‘knows customers’. This is where Publicis Groupe Bulgaria comes in: to provide a 360-degree view of consumers; their behaviors, attitudes, and needs.

We also hope to support our clients in becoming more efficient in how they work, in how they adopt new business models and lay the foundation for a new technological infrastructure able to handle the transformation.

We really care about data. Our Strategy, Media, Creative, PR, and Technology experts use data to better connect companies to their audiences in the moments that matter. We care about the way data is collected, stored, segmented, analyzed and actioned into insightful, creative content that resonates with audiences and achieves cut-through. Personalized, relevant messaging at scale could mean the survival of a business going forward.

That’s why we thought it was important to organize the “DATA: Humanized” event to provide more information and answers to the open questions about digital transformation, with speakers from different practices and countries. The event was hosted by Publicis Groupe Bulgaria, in partnership with SAP Bulgaria, and sponsored by: NOVA, NetInfo, OmniChannel, Chivas and Philips, which took place on April 4, 2019, in Sofia and here is the video recap:

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