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BSE wanted to communicate the opportunity for trading shares of global companies but in a way that would attract new users. To do this, we needed to create messages in a language that ordinary people could understand that would reach most people in the best possible way.


Ordinary people consider stock trading something difficult to understand and complicated – for people with specific financial knowledge.

Given that we are speaking to two different audiences, our proposal included different creatives that would be relevant to the targeted users:

1. With a broad target, talk about the fact that there is an opportunity to invest our savings with higher returns than standard deposits. Speaking from the assumption that the consumer is unaware of the existence of this opportunity.

2. With a specialized target, talk in specifics about what instruments we can invest in on the Bulgarian Stock Exchange. Here we are already talking to consumers who are familiar with the concept and terminology and would possibly consider investing.

3. We have created messages that any adult Bulgarian would understand by presenting them in an interesting and provocative way - so that attention to them is guaranteed.

Channels and Formats

The campaign was about awareness, traffic and conversions. Formats were also devised to attract attention and drive leads to this LP.

Local Publishers – targeted advertising in media with 90% of online users in Bulgaria: Netinfo (,,,,,, and with rich media banners, Wallpaper (desktop) and Transition (mobile).

Facebook & Instagram – targeted advertising with Image Ads and Carousels

Google Display Network

Google Search


A successful digital campaign also involves the use of a dedicated website that explains the concept of investing and the benefits.

BSE’s website is quite specialized and on a technical level to work in generating user interest, so we created a clean design for LP to focus those who come across it in three easy steps.

  • 1 040 000
    Users reached
  • 80%
    Target audience reached
  • 15,54 BGN
    Аdvertising ROI on invested 1 BGN
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