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Water with vitamins is a quite new product for the Bulgarian market, and people are still reserved about it.


Trying something new enriches people’s lives and opens up new horizons for them

What we did?
We inspired people to “say yes” to something new by creating one pager which generates diverse and exciting challenges. Considering that the campaign took place in the post-Covid era, people needed it more than ever. All users had to do is posting a photo or video of the completed challenge with the hashtag #кажида (#sayyes) so they can participate in winning a mysterious journey or becoming a face of the inspiration on the bottles of Devin Mineral & Vitamins.

We’ve planned digital communication through encouraging influencers, Devin M&V’s Meta profiles, and the web.

The influencers
They made the first step by completing a challenge and posting it on their profiles, and inspired their followers to do it too.
Every week we encouraged people to Say Yes and win one of the amazing prizes.
Engaged users & Winners
People got out of their comfort zone by completing the exciting and diverse challenges that we gave them.

And some of them became the ambassadors of “Say Yes”.

  • 121 000
    Users on the website
  • 1 979 871
    Unique users reached
  • 26K
    Challenges generated
  • 280
    Users said "YES"
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