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Rising brand awareness through an integrated digital campaign and attention-grabbing TV spot
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When an eCommerce business needs to build awareness and consideration, “digital media formats” appear as a natural choice.


But are they the most effective solution for successful lower-funnel communication? We had to test and analyze if there is a place for offline media like TV in e-shop communication and how to integrate it with online media channels.

What we did?
In a period of 50 days (25 with Digital channels only and 25 with Digital channels & TVC) we connected media presence with business KPIs via Econometric analysis to understand:

• How media channels drive impact on site Traffic?
• Is there any difference in Traffic drivers between periods without and with TV?
• How can we further optimize media presence?
• How excelling media impact on lower-funnel influence upper-funnel and revenue?

  • Connected Campaigns
  • Content and Creative
What happened?

The data we gathered covers 50 consecutive calendar days from March 20th to May 8th. These are 25 rows of daily data before the activation of TV and 25 rows of daily data after the activation of TV.

The business data we used as dependent variables in the model are from Website traffic.

We also had daily data from Google, Facebook and the TV service asin each media we had net investment and audience reached.

On this basis, with the help of regression methods and MassTer, we built models and Isolated The influence of Each of the studied variables on the traffic to Delirium’s website for the entire period, as well as for the periods before and after the inclusion of  TV in the mix.

Our Approach

We believe that the formula for a successful campaign is a balanced symbiosis between creative and performance.

Unlike the competing stores, we decided to create a brand image that will stay in our audience’s mind.

The creative approach was inspired by the character of our main target – women that are exceptional in everything they do and reach their goals exactly because they know what they want.

Digitas scaled agile content model that maximizes effectiveness & creates efficiency via personalization. Optimizes content messaging & format utilizing data and local insights.

Reduces duplication of overlapping production partners & content creation.

Uses Publicis Groupe’s global content resources to fill ever-growing needs – either with existing assets or via original content production.

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    CPP improvement
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  • +65%
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