Nissan Leaf: Conquer the Future

Stretching the journey range of electric vehicles beyond the dimensions of the familiar.
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Electric vehicle fans and potential buyers are very demanding. When imagining the next generation of electric vehicles they are actually dreaming of experiencing the future of driving. So, their expectations for the new generation of Nissan LEAF were very high.


Electric vehicle owners-to-be are early adopters. They see themselves as pioneers – the first to experience new ways of living.

For the launch of the new Nissan LEAF we invited potential buyers and automobile journalists to dive into another dimension and conquer the future in this new electric vehicle.

We put a regular, production model LEAF in a big dark space in a shopping mall.

Captured its engine control unit signals and used the steering and pedaling inputs to control an interactive projected environment that was surrounding the car.

By doing this we traveled through time in a 3D futuristic space.

  • 58,000
    people interacted with online content
  • 5,200
    people experienced the physical journey
    Sales were higher than Nissan had planned
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