Vote for your favourite Milka flavor

Milka wanted to challenge Bulgarian consumers to participate in an NCP voting for their favorite Milka flavor.
  • Strategy and Innovation

Catching the audience’s attention gets harder and harder – especially when you don’t expect just a single click but an actual engagement – i.e., share a vote. More than once.


We knew that people would join if they saw an ad they could resonate it. Like an ad with their favorite flavor.

In order to target people with their favorite flavor, once they voted on the site, we used GTM and data layer integration to segment them into different groups based on their favorite Milka flavor. After this, we targeted each group with an ad of their preferred taste. Reminding them to keep voting.
And again!
For 46 days, we registered 422,337 votes and 54, 211 unique users.

With retargeting, we were able to add 93,102 votes. For only 15.29% of the social budget, we were able to achieve 54.22% of votes from social media.

But what’s most important are not the numbers but the nice, sweet feeling that in Bulgaria Milka achieved results other markets couldn’t even get close to.

This way everyone was happy - even the famous purple Milka cow.

  • 422,337
  • 54,211
    Unique Users
  • 93,102
    Votes added by retargeting
  • 100%
    Sweet case :)
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