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Bosch ECS: Make Yourself At Home / More Than Colleagues

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Bosch ECS needed new employees so we had to raise awareness for the company to stand out as an employer of choice while other companies try to snatch the attention of job seekers with all sorts of perks.


Usually, the mentioned perks were always the same and the applicants are confused because they see no difference between the companies in this aspect. We decided to take a different approach – Bosch ECS’s family-style culture. People in Bosch ECS are very close with each other, almost like one big family.

Make Yourself At Home
We divided our communication into two waves. The first one we named Make Yourself At Home. We created a series of videos where we introduced part of Bosch ECS’ employees through interesting stories about their relationships with other people in the company as they also presented the work environment as their home place from a cozy corner in the office.
We also recreated that coziness in a busy outdoor location in Sofia – Quartal, so people could feel the company’s hospitable vibes.
More Than Colleagues

In the second and more extreme wave, we showed Bosch employees sharing their hobbies the way it happens in real life. We scripted them as funny tutorial videos, so other software developers could learn something different than coding.


We spread our communication waves through digital and outdoor visuals where we encouraged people to learn more about the mission and values of Bosch Engineering Center Sofia.

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